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Why is there a Community Trust?


Gargunnock Community Trust Ltd. was established in 2005 to work on behalf of the residents of the Gargunnock Community Council area to provide a vehicle for fund-raising and managing projects of a charitable nature for the benefit for the village of Gargunnock.


The objectives of the Trust, and the powers held by the Trust to achieve these objectives, are defined in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.


Should you wish to place anything on a Trust meeting agenda please contact one of the Trustees/Directors or email

What is the Community Trust?


The Trust is a “company limited by guarantee and not having share capital” registered at Companies House, and is managed under the provisions of Company Law and the requirements of Companies House.  Our Companies House registration number is SC285574.  In addition, the Trust is a charity registered in Scotland, and therefore is also governed by the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR). Our OSCR number is SCO36793.


Gargunnock Community Trust is a member of the Development Trusts Association Scotland – an organisation that supports local trusts in their efforts to see their neighbourhoods flourish through community-led activity.


What does the Trust Do?


The Trust is a vehicle for making things happen in the village; and in recent years has achieved the following:

  • Negotiated the transfer of the Community Centre from Stirling Council into community ownership.

  • Negotiated the transfer of the Glebe Land from the defunct Village Interests Group.

  • Raised over £600,000 for refurbishment of the Community Centre.

  • Successfully negotiated to achieve significant on-going benefits from local windfarm developments.

  • Created the Glebe Park by construction of a footpath, planting of trees, and installation of signage, seating and picnic furniture.


The Trust is active in managing village assets, supporting and/or managing projects, and helping to ensure that people are informed about what is happening in the village.  The Trust:

  • Maintains and manages the Community Centre on behalf of the village and all its various users.

  • Publishes and distributes The Bugle newsletter.

  • Maintains the village website.

  • Manages the flagpole in The Square - frequently used to fly the flag of visitors to the village as well as to commemorate important events.

  • Holds a Lottery licence that is available for groups in the village.

  • Administers the Gargunnock Windfarm Fund – a charitable fund provided by Kingsburn Wind Energy Ltd (part of Falck Renewables) who is the developer and owner of the Kingsburn windfarm located on the Gargunnock Hills to the South of the village.

  • Supports the development and improvement of walking and cycling paths in the Gargunnock area.

  • Manages the monthly “Bite and Blether” lunch-time café in the Community Centre.

  • Builds and sustains connections with other bodies such as  Gargunnock Community Council, the Carse of Stirling Partnership, Foundation Scotland.

This is a Draft Trust Strategy based on all the previous consultations and surveys carried out by the Trust.  At the next AGM the draft strategy will be presented to ensure that it still reflects local community priorities. 

How is the Trust Managed?


Gargunnock Community Trust is managed by a Board of Directors (under charity regulations they also serve as Trustees) acting on behalf of the Gargunnock community. 

Trust Directors are volunteers elected from the membership each year. Currently there are 11 Directors with one vacancy.  They are:

  • Nathan Anderton

  • Steve Barnet 

  • Gill Bell  (Company Secretary)

  • Gavin Fleming (Treasurer)

  • Crawford Gordon (Community Centre Manager)

  • Mairi Jackson (Communications Secretary)

  • Douglas Johnston 

  • Stuart Ogg (Meetings Secretary)

  • Jill Patrick (Membership Secretary)

  • Geoff Peart (Path Development Manager)

  • John Steele

  • Dan Williams

The position of Chair is currently unfilled, with the Chair’s responsibilities being shared across all the Directors


If you wish to contact any of the Directors, please email:


An AGM is held each year, and is open to all members and interested individuals. At the AGM the Trust presents the financial accounts and a report on activities for the year just past. The AGM is an opportunity for public comment on future plans, and is also the time when Directors are elected for the year ahead.


Based on public input at the AGM, together with feedback, comments, and survey results gathered from the community, the Directors develop a Strategic Plan to guide the activities of the Trust.  The Directors meet on a regular basis to discuss progress on these activities. The minutes of each meeting are posted on the village website.


Being a Member of the Trust


The aim of the Trust is to be representative of the whole village and so it has a membership scheme. Anyone residing or working in Gargunnock can become a member of the scheme for the one-off payment of one pound.


The membership of the Trust is critical to its success. The Trust must demonstrate that it functions on behalf of as broad a cross section of the community as possible. so being a member is important.  When applying for funding for things such as the Community Centre one of the questions asked by funders is how the Trust can demonstrate community support. Having a large membership base ticks that box.  Being a membership organisation was also important when we were negotiating with Stirling Council for the transfer of the Community Centre. It again demonstrated that we were speaking on behalf of the wider community. 


If you would like to become a member of the Trust then please take a moment to fill out the Membership Form, and pass it on to one of the Directors listed above making sure you enclose your £1. You can hand it over personally or pop it through their door which ever is easier.


Over and above being a member, you can also get actively involved in the Trust if you wish. If you want to become a Director, attend the AGM, suggest ideas, or offer assistance then please get in touch. There will also be times when we are looking for volunteers to help with Trust activities. All these opportunities and others will be highlighted in the Bugle and/or on the notice board opposite the shop. As with most things in life, we will only get out of the Trust what we are all prepared to put in!

Trust Membership Form:

2022’s meeting dates are as follows:

·       17 March 2022

·       19 May 2022

·       16 June 2022 (AGM)

·       25 August 2022

·       27 October 2022

·       8 December 2022

What is the Community Council?

The Community Council is a voluntary organisation set up by statute by the Local Authority and run by local residents to act on behalf of its area. As the most local tier of elected representation, Community Councils play an important role in local democracy. 

Gargunnock Community Council is comprised of local people who are passionate and care about their community and want to make it a better place for all to live.

As well as representing the community to the local authority, we facilitate a wide range of activities which promote the well-being of our community. We bring local people together to help make things happen, and we strive to protect and promote the identity of our community. We advise, petition, influence and advocate numerous causes and cases of concern on behalf of our local community. 

We are the strongest means of becoming involved with your local area. It will give you a good understand of the workings of local government and what is going on locally and nationally. All local authorities in Scotland encourage citizens to become a member of their Community Council.

The community council meets 9 times a year in the Community Centre at 7.30pm, and by Zoom.


Dates for the next meeting can be viewed below. A Stirling Councillor is usually in attendance half an hour before the community council meeting.  All village residents are encouraged to attend meetings of the community council which are open to the public.


There are also places for young people. The minimum age to stand for election as a community councillor is 16 years.


Come along and make a difference.

Current Community Council

The area covered by the community council is the village of Gargunnock itself and surrounding farms and houses in the parish. The elections to the community council are a maximum of every 4 years and councillors are elected then, Gargunnock Community Council is entitled to have 9 community councillors.

Community Council Contacts:

David Millar                 Chair

Carolyn Johnston        Vice-Chair

Christine Phillips        Secretary

Tom Jamieson            Treasurer

Julie Cole                     Planning and Licencing

Lovat MacGregor        Roads and Transport

Julie Cole                     Cycle Path Lead

Mike Buckley               Social Media / Comms & Windfarm Rep


General enquiries:

Click here for Individual contact details.

Community Council Archive Minutes can be found here:

Meeting dates - 2024:

  • All meetings are 19:30, in the Community Centre and usually also on-line. Detail of the on-line link is posted with the agenda for each meeting.

  • Monday 3 June - AGM

  • Monday 5 August

  • Monday 7 October

  • Monday 2 December

Gargunnock Local Place Plan


The results of the Local Place Plan survey are now available. Thanks to all of you that responded.

These results can be found on the village noticeboard or click here to download (PDF)


In June we will be holding public engagement events to review the potential plan projects in more detail and get your views on priorities.

More details on those events in due course

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