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supported by Falck Renewables and Foundation Scotland

Wind Farm

What is the fund?
The Gargunnock Windfarm Fund is the financial income awarded to the community of Gargunnock from Kingsburn Windfarm Energy Ltd, managed by Falck Renewables and overseen by Foundation Scotland.

Who looks after it?
Locally the funds are administered by the Gargunnock Community Trust who have set up an independent Windfarm Fund Panel consisting of individuals who represent a diverse range of stakeholders in the village.
Who makes the decisions?
The Windfarm Fund Panel will report to the Gargunnock Community Trust Board which must ensure that all funding falls within the permitted purposes, policies, procedures and guidelines for the Fund as well as the legal and fiscal requirements of charitable organisations. This Panel meets throughout the year to review applications and submit recommendations. 

Who is eligible to apply?
Applicants must be based or operate within the Gargunnock Community Council area or provide benefits to the Gargunnock area.

How do I apply?
The application forms are on this page as well as comprehensive Guidance Notes. All applications should be emailed to:

To apply please download and submit the application form

Fund Guidelines

Next application submission dates:
Deadline                      Date of Meeting
13th September 2021              27th September 2021 

Women Holding Hands

Successful Applicants

Application Deadline dates for 2024
Monday 26th February
Monday 5th August
Monday 18th November

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